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March 6, 2013 in Random

February 28, 2013 in Random

Here’s a few videos to get you excited for the weekend

Spring Bench – Glasgow

February 28, 2013 in Random

Yet another new polo format hits Scotland. This weekend’s tournament is in Bench Minor format. 45 minute games, 3 players on the court at one time but can be switched out at any point.

Annual General Meeting

February 22, 2013 in Random


Okay fellow poloists -

Annual General Munchies to be held at palais Stephen next Wed (27th Feb).
Points for discussion:
-where they f**k can we play and how do we find it
-is ready made tarmac from B&Q worth it for morningside
-should we have more bbq’s this summer (Phil is the expert)
-what actually happens to an ant colony when the queen dies

Food hopefully provided, bring beer.
Tell people who don’t have internet or are useless (i.e. – tell Jonas)


We want is a court JUST like this one? That’s not too much to ask?

Polo Graffiti

February 11, 2013 in Random

The sport of kings in spraypaint!

Not just polo – Strathpuffer 2013

January 29, 2013 in Random

Here are a few photo’s of the many poloists who were there.

New forum, oh yea…

January 23, 2013 in EBP, Random

We’ve changed our forum.

To bring the Scottish bike polo scene together and avoid the intense gucci, jerseys, and incomprehensible SPAM issues of the old forum, we’ve moved to

You can find a links and a feed to the Edinburgh specific ‘Playing This Week’ thread to the right…

Old forum now dead dead dead!  Move on over to the new one to get in on the weekly game thread folks…


Paris – Invalides

January 21, 2013 in Random, SLIDESHOW

Happy birthday

January 20, 2013 in Random

someone among us got older

January 20, 2013 in Random

The scottish bike polo world is shrinking; a whole new forum to populate. Hello Glasgow!